About me

December 7, 1960 in Hermosillo, Sonora, México


For 24 years I have worked steadily as a fine art photographer, creating annual exhibitions that have been shown internationally. My work has also been featured in numerous publications. I am grateful for all such opportunities to exhibit my work.
I greatly respect the work of any artist, specially those who have an artistic mission that transcends the limits of art and becomes part of the social consciousness. I define my work as being in that spirit.
I dedicate my artistic life to the indigenous people of México, primarily Sonora, because they are our roots, our essence and they have much to teach, even in their silence.
In 2007 I began working as a freelance photographer between Tucson, Arizona in the United States and Hermosillo, Sonora in México. Here are two countries with two different cultures where the immigration can be seen every day in every socio-economic class. In 2009 I began a new Project called The Diversity of Immigration, and now 2010-2014 I was working in A World Separated by Borders.


Centro de la Imagen, workshop with Joan Liftin, From the Inside Out,  Jim Goldberg and Phillip Brookman, Truth and Fiction in the Documentary, and David Wells, The Photo Essay,  México City.


The Maine Photographic Workshops, Work-Study-Student (The Process of Black and White) with Tillman Crane at Rockport, Maine, USA.


Kodak México, Commercial Photography, México City.