In the name of God

In 1993 I began my first project a very difficult one THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE FROM MEXICO… That took seven years… the name of this project is IN THE NAME OF GOD.

The projects that I always choose are related with my personal life… And I began with the tribes from Sonora… WHY?

Families from afar have been claiming as their own the best land of México since the days of the Spanish Conquest until our modern times. These lands that were once property of the native peoples have not ceased to be “THE GOLD OF ALL TIMES”

Seeing their world conquered and destroyed by the SPANISH invaders, the indigenous though that their gods had abandoned them and that all the beautiful traditions they had received from their ancestors had been nothing but lies.

And something divine happened LA VIRGEN DE GUADALUPE appeared to them…

The image possesses many “occidental” symbols; upon viewing them, the Spanish discerned the presence of the divine reality. For the native people, the Virgin used their own language. The image of the cloak of Juan Diego is codex full of significance for the Aztec nations.

My ancestry begins with the arrival of Richard Platt, from England to the United Sates in 1630. Seven generations later, in 1841, my great-grandfather Frederick Platt was born.

In the year 1867 he made the decision to leave New York, for a new life in California. On the way, when he was in Arizona, Frederick decided to enter Sonora stricken by the “gold-fever”. He arrived to the town of Tecoripa, where the indigenous were still fighting to defend their native land. At this time, the government displaced the indigenous from their lands in order to sell the land to foreigners who married Mexican-Spanish women.

Frederick was one of these men. It is from this vantage point that there arises from within me the driving force to photograph my ancestors, the desire to discover my own indigenous roots, my family history and my obsession to know what I do not know.

So, in my investigation about this passion for my people in México I find out why my family becomes wealthy and I was shocked, but I have to understand that this is my past and I decided to do this as a project for seven years.

From 1993 through 1999, I was traveling all over México and I know that with my art I can rescue something that we did to them.  In the travels of this project, I made photographs of people of every Indigenous group in Mexico. Over 6000 medium format images.